Research and Insight

Mhara Research and Insights: It’s not what you know; it’s how you use what you know to make a difference.
What we do:
Being present in multiple countries across the continent Mhara has its finger on the pulse of Africa and provides valuable insights into African living. We understand African consumers more than most and that gives us the upper hand in terms of creating tailored brand experiences.

Concepts & Ideas

Mhara Concepts and Ideas: Ideas aren’t just creative, they make a difference in people’s lives.
What we do:
We deliver unique creative solutions that speak to your objectives and engage your target audience. Ideas that are memorable, effective and experiential.

Brand Activations

Mhara Brand Activations: A brand you can see, smell, touch or taste is a brand experience you’ll always remember.
What we do:
From concept to execution we design, develop and deliver memorable brand activations that enhance your brand experience, engaging more consumers to connect with your brand.

Brand Squad

Mhara Brand Squad: Your brand isn’t just a product or service; it’s the people who represent it.
What we do:
We provide carefully selected brand ambassadors to represent your brand wherever it may be going. Our brand ambassadors are chosen through a vigorous selection process, that includes screening, training and testing.

Owned Media

Mhara Owned Media: Does your brand give people a platform to come together and be themselves?
What we do:
Using lifestyle elements such as music and entertainment we create platforms that deliver to defined and niched audiences with whom you can engage to showcase products and services and achieve brand objectives. Partnerships with sponsors also build brand equity.

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions: No brand experience is complete without digital integration.
What we do:
We integrate the digital world throughout almost every brand experience we create, using social media, web applications, email and SMS notifications to enhance and amplify brand experiences and build communities and relationships.

Field Marketing

Mhara Field Marketing: A brand touches people wherever they are.
What we do:
We support your brand experiences by being your eyes and ears on the ground. We go where the people are and connect them to your brand. We also design, produce and distribute POS material.