Mhara means Impala in Shona.
/Social behavior of impala’s/: Their social organization allows impalas to adapt to prevailing environmental conditions.

This is true for impala’s as it is for Mhara. We prevail in any condition.

We do brand experiences

A brand is more than a product or a service. It’s an image and personal relationship created between you and your customer.

create experiences that bring your brand to life and engage your consumers to act through unique and tailored brand campaigns.

We do them differently

In order for you to stand out, you have to be different, relevant and dynamic. Our approach ensures that we find the uniqueness that will make your brand memorable.

understand the reason behind why your brand breathes. We identify the creative approach behind bringing that proposition to life. And then we take it to the people to whom it matters most.

We do them because

Every brand has a pulse, a vibration, and a beat that can touch people’s lives in meaningful ways when awakened.